A Breath Of Fresh Air

So why on earth would a company want to hire a Software Development Coach? What could a person like that offer a company? Let's turn this question on its head and ask why wouldn't they want one? Software Development Coaches are like a breath of fresh air for a Software Development shop. They come bearing new information for teams to use and adopt like Unit Testing Strategies for example. What company on the planet doesn't want to boast about having code coverage over 85%? How marketable is THAT product.

Many companies run with a Waterfall Approach to their development. As times have changed though, the Agile methodology has show to be more effective. A Software Development Coach can transform teams from a soggy waterfall to an Agile Puma.

Another great use for Software Development Coaches is their ability to teach teams how to implement new technology in-house. Many companies are changing from old technologies like SharePoint to newer repositories like Git. Rather than having employees trying to get up to speed on their own as well as doing their current to-do list, we can help them make that transition faster and with less down-time.

No matter the software or process we can assist your team in getting up to speed, and on task.

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