About Us

When thinking of Blaazin Software Consulting, Inc. I want you to imagine a mix of Big Bang Theory mixed with a dash of Indiana Jones. We are 'ga-ga' over the nerdy up and coming software development happenings but we solve business challenges with the zeal of Indiana Jones.

We are Grade A 100% Canadian and because of that any work produced by us - or your data - CAN NOT be resold or shared with anyone under any circumstances. The same cannot be said for Companies and Developers in other jurisdictions. Seriously, I'm all for saving a buck but Off-shoring to another country only to lose control of your software and / or data is what we in the business call BatSh@! Crazy!

We may be light hearted folk here with a zest for enjoying life's lighter side but as it pertains to your business we are serious about your results. Your business is our business. When you succeed we do as well.

The new way to success. advance. progress.

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